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Basic Information

Why choose Mindful Tutor?

We select tutors who have a calm and compassionate presence, which helps children and teenagers feel at ease. Mindful Tutors can help students learn meditative practices to use in the classroom, or when taking tests. Each tutor offers assistance in several subject areas to reduce the need for multiple tutors.


What subjects do you tutor?

Please see our services page for details. We tutor all subjects in elementary school and middle school, including Mandarin Chinese, French, and Spanish. At the high school level, we specialize in the humanities, physics, chemistry, biology, and math. We tutor children in preparing for the SSAT, HSPT, and ISEE for high school admission. Some of our tutors are also trained in essay writing specifically for applications to schools and colleges. 


Do have experience working with children diagnosed with ADHD?

All of our tutors have experience helping children who have weaknesses in executive function, or who have been diagnosed with ADHD. It is our hope that as more people understand this diagnosis, they will see the creative gifts that the ADHD mind can bring to our community. 

Location and Timing

Where will my child have tutoring sessions?

Our tutors generally come to your home so that you do not need to schedule transportation. Tutoring is available primarily in San Francisco, but also in Marin, Berkeley, and Oakland. Please contact Megan for details:


How long do sessions last?

Most academic sessions are 60 minutes, and most SSAT sessions are 90 minutes. Sessions can be increased in 15-minute increments.



How and when do I pay?

Clients are billed once at the end of the month for previous sessions. Invoices come electronically and can be paid online without charge using the Intuit Payment Network (IPN), or a check can be made out to Mindful Tutor and mailed to the address on the invoice. Currently, we do not accept credit card payment because of the high fees involved. If you want the convenience of a credit card, please consider setting up payment through IPN or as payment through your bank; clients have found both systems incredibly convenient. If you prefer to pay in advance of the session, please contact Megan:


What if I need to cancel a session?

 Mindful Tutor typically books regular sessions through the entire school year. If you need to miss a session, please give us as much notice as possible. Fewer than 48-hour cancellations will be charged at the full rate. Please refer to the Policies page.