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"Tutoring sessions with Megan were transformational for our son.  He has some minor learning differences and abhorred even the idea of studying for the SSAT.  Through her instruction, he built confidence, stamina, and learned tools to help him excel in the testing process, far exceeding our expectations.  Megan uses a gentle and encouraging approach while holding her students to high standards.  I’m not sure he’d admit it, but he actually seemed to enjoy his sessions with her! Megan and her team genuinely care about their students and have continued to check in with us throughout the high school process. I highly recommend Megan; we are so grateful for her care and support." - Parent, Cathedral School for Boys

"We are so grateful for Mindful Tutor - for your wonderful, professional, and personally customized service for [our daughter]. Your care felt like that we were working not just with a great company, but also like we were having a family member who knows what we are doing. Not knowing what is going on with the high school process, you were always top of us and being such a good leader with heart. Again we cannot thank you enough for your ongoing support and assistance and being there for us whenever we need help." - Parent

"Megan is a superstar! She was recommended by a friend and was truly exceptional. Megan took the time to really understand our son, and she made him feel comfortable and confident at every stage of the process, with great results. Megan worked with him on the details of specific test subjects as well as general test strategies which will be useful for all tests! In addition, with her impressive experience and holistic approach, Megan helped us navigate school options and student-parent life in general." - Parent, Marin Country Day School 

"We have had the great fortune to work with Megan a second time, and we still are in awe of her organization, enthusiasm and expertise with standardized test preparation! Navigating the San Francisco high school application process is not a small amount of work and teaming up with Megan is an incredibly valuable step in the journey! Her encouragement is second to none. Our girls learned important lessons around self-belief, self-motivation, and personal responsibility when it comes to tackling test goals and essay timelines. Megan is a tremendous team player and we are grateful for her excellent test strategies and preparation organization. She sets clear, attainable goals and consistently offers support and encouragement. Thank you Megan!!" - Parent, Katherine Delmar Burke School

"Megan's thoughtful and holistic approach to tutoring helped transform our daughter's math experience and performance over the past two years. She looks forward to her sessions with Megan and always comes out happy, better prepared and more confident." - Parent, Convent

"Megan is truly exceptional at what she does. From the first visit she had with our daughter, she knew what type of a learner she was, where she would need to work the hardest, and was able to determine a pace for studying that was both attainable and complete.  She also worked with our daughter to manage her time and priorities to get through her 'self study' work on her own time. Mindful Tutor was our first experience with outside tutoring and a very positive one. Our daughter was able to score exactly as she wanted for the SSAT and reach her maximum potential." - Parent, The Hamlin School

"When [my son] first tested with you and realized the holes in his math knowledge, you created a plan to fill in the gaps. It was so obvious that you completely understood what needed to get done and how to get there that there was never any struggle putting in the time and effort to improve. There is no question that [he] sees you as his favorite math teacher ever. 

We can't thank you enough for the help, advise, dedication, insights and friendship." - Parent, Bentley School

"Ian did an excellent job with our daughter.  He was able to build her confidence and explain crucial test taking strategies and skills.  Under his tutelage, she was able to increase her scores by 56 percentage points.  Incredible!  My daughter's performance improvement far exceeded my expectations.  She is even a more confident student in school as a result of posting a strong SSAT score.  Kudos to Ian, Megan and the entire Mindful Tutoring team.  I couldn't be happier with her results and have referred many friends." - Parent, Marin Country Day School

"Pam was an incredible support to our son as he prepared for the SSAT.  He loved working with her because she was engaging, fun and kept him on task.  Under her guidance, his scores improved dramatically.  She was also great about communicating with us on how we could support their efforts.  Megan was terrific about checking in and monitoring their progress.  Overall, it was a fantastic experience and we recommend Pam and Mindful Tutor without reservation." - Parent, SF Friends School

"Jason is absolutely wonderful! [My son] loves working with Jason and he now also loves math! Jason is so calm, organized and sequential in his teachings which has worked so well for [my son]. Jason has also brought another aspect of math to [my son] and that is the wonders of math and the deep thinking it can allow you to do. He loves discussing amazing math with Jason. Jason is a brilliant mathematician and also a person full of kindness and generosity. My husband and I feel so very fortunate that our son is able to learn with Jason." - Parent, Town

"Ian helped our son feel totally prepared for the SSAT through a combination of analyzing practice tests question by question, developing thoughtful strategies for each section of the test, and giving our son focused homework to prepare for the test.  He really knows the material, has a great feel for how to push a student, and combines this all with a wry sense of humor." - Parent, Marin Country Day School

"Pam tutored [my daughter] through a stressful period of SSAT testing for independent high school admissions.  Often I would hear Pam laughing loudly at [her] jokes from upstairs. It was a reassuring sound that her humor was being appreciated. I also heard Pam complement [my daughter]  on her strengths as testing did not come easily to her." - Parent, Mark Day School

"Pam is an incredible SSAT tutor! With Pam's teaching, my daughter was able to almost double her SSAT score. Pam knows how to expertly teach both the math and verbal sections of the test and definitely gets great results." -Parent, The Hamlin School

"Jason has a calm and thoughtful approach to tutoring. He challenged my son to improve his scores and gave him the strategies and practice work to achieve his goal. Jason gets results without stressing students out. My son looked forward to his sessions with Jason each week and truly enjoyed getting to know him over the course of their time together." - Parent, St. Brendan

"Working with Pam has been one of the best experiences we have had. We adore her, and she has helped [my child] in a multitude of ways." - Parent, Marin Country Day School

"Megan- you are amazing and thank you so much for your thoughtful and effective counsel. I think you walked the razor's edge of striving for excellence while maintaining perspective beautifully. You helped [our daughter] learn and grow and ultimately achieve a significant improvement in scores AND you taught in such a healthy way. 

You have a rare gift. Thank you." - Parent, Katherine Delmar Burke School

"Ian was a great fit for [my daughter] and his quiet and patient tempo removed the stress that was building up over the SSAT.  He was punctual and professional with great follow-up- a pleasure to work with!" - Parent, Katherine Delmar Burke School

"We had a great experience with Jason, he was reliable, consistent, but flexible with our needs and schedule, and has a very calm and insightful delivery as he teaches. My 14-year-old sons both responded well to his teaching style." -Parent, Marin Primary

"Meredith was a terrific tutor. We especially appreciated her calm demeanor and her precise instruction. We never felt that she was overloading our daughter with too much work or stress. She is clearly a kind and compassionate person but also a knowledgeable tutor. I would highly recommend her to anyone." - Parent, The Hamlin School

"Megan -Your work with [my child] has been incredibly helpful, rigorous but pitched at just the right level and in just the right manner to get him prepared. The early test preparation sessions provided him with a solid foundation to take the SSATs early, and filled in any gaps as well as prepared him for his first real experience of standardized testing. They also gave him strong foundational test-taking techniques and strategies for taking the many standardized tests he will no doubt need to take in the future. Your ability to keep him motivated in improving his scores, your clear, ambitious yet realistic study schedules customized to his needs, and your understanding of how teenagers prefer to work/not work (!), and your infectious positive attitude, helped immensely to make it a smooth and positive process for him." - Parent, Bentley School

"Jordan is a great writing coach. He is kind and relaxed, yet knowledgeable and enthusiastic. We also just enjoyed his company!" - Parent, Marin Country Day School

"Kyla is incredibly patient and supportive. She gave [my daughter] a boost of confidence through out the testing process. She felt that Kyla was also a help with her math studies at school, providing her with practice problems and support instruction when necessary. Kyla was very professional and personable." - Parent, The Hamlin School

"I thought Ian was fantastic! I learned a lot from him and I felt like I was with someone with whom I could ask questions. He helped me with a number of skills that I used multiple times during the test and I am ahead with a few concepts in math." - Student, The Hamlin School

"Megan is a remarkably sympathetic and skillful tutor. My daughter was instantly charmed and highly motivated by Megan's positive energy and intelligent advice. Their sessions together were extremely productive and almost instantaneously effective: after a summer of assigned homework and only a few months' worth of weekly tutoring, my daughter's math scores rose over thirty percentage points above her initial practice test. I fully intend to work with Megan again when it comes time for my younger children to take the SSAT!" - Parent, Katherine Delmar Burke School

"Jason was a wonderful tutor for our daughter as she prepared for the SSAT -- patient, compassionate, and warm and also very smart about the ins and outs of the test itself.  [My daughter] really enjoyed her sessions with him and I would recommend him to anyone." - Parent, SF Friends School

"We were very happy with Ian.  He provided the tutoring, homework assignments and feedback that resulted in significant improvements in our daughter's SSAT scores.  We were under some time pressure and he successfully consolidated material to get quick results.

Thanks for your help and guidance and the great communication Megan!" - Parent, Katherine Delmar Burke School

"I wholeheartedly recommend working with Megan Lowery Singer. She tutors and guides your child with excellent strategies to develop their best effort. My 8th grade daughter worked with Megan on SSAT preparation and, in the process, learned so much more about herself as a learner. Megan is thoughtful and purposeful; she engages students with her positive, 'can do' attitude, guides them with realistic goals and motivates them with ongoing encouragement. From start to finish, working with Megan was an excellent experience." - Parent, Katherine Delmar Burke School

"Ian helped our daughter with the reading section of the SSAT.  What my daughter liked the best is that he not only told her the correct answer, he told her why the other answers were incorrect.  This overall approach really helped her understand how to tackle the reading section of the SSAT.  He was kind and patient." - Parent, The Hamlin School  

"Applying to private high schools is a daunting process. When we first contacted Megan, we felt a little lost. Finding a tutor for our daughter was a priority. She had never been exposed to a test like the SSAT, and learning to navigate the test was going to take a mindset completely different from anything she was doing at school. We wanted to find someone who could allow our daughter to feel at ease and supported. Megan was the perfect fit. Megan makes the process of applying to private high schools manageable by laying out a game plan for both the students and parents alike. With Megan’s tutelage, our daughter’s writing skills improved through the application essays, and her strategies in taking the SSAT made her scores go up with each test. Our daughter has come away with not just skills needed for applying to high schools, but much more than that--she comes away with valuable life skills. As a coach and a teacher, Megan is a delight to work with, and she is able to instill such a sense of calm during a time of real pressure for her students." - Parent, Del Mar Middle School 

"Ian was great!  He was very helpful in both math and language, teaching strategies but also coming up with scenarios to help with verbal retention.  He had a nice mix of being serious and on task, but also allowing for fun conversation and banter.
And, the results were worth the invested time and money." - Parent, Katherine Delmar Burke School

"Jason is an outstanding person who takes an interest in the kids inside their lessons as well as out in the world. He is compassionate and knowledgeable."  - Parent, San Domenico

"Thank you so so much Owen. My son told me, 'Tonight was the best tutoring session I ever had!!' For him to connect with someone who understands what he is talking about is priceless!!" - Parent, Tam High

"THANK YOU! Thank you for everything. [My daughter] had such amazing experience working with you. Your kindness lead her to trust you which enabled her to have the confidence in the work that you did together. You were organized, and thoughtful, and mindful every step of the way. You helped us stay on track even when life was chaotic. In the midst of the high school process you, not only acted as a tutor for her studies but a coach for life! Thank you for your guidance in every direction. We all felt so lucky to have you help us during this process. And of course we are thrilled of the results! Thank you Megan, we are so very grateful for your work with [her]!" - Parent, Katherine Delmar Burke School

"Ian was a great fit for our family, not only for our daughter. He understood our routines and adapted to them. He absolutely got our daughter's learning style, and always encouraged her to go the extra mile, with a reassuring smile. He gave her confidence and at the same time listened to our adult doubts. He is a great person and tutor." - Parent, Katherine Delmar Burke School

"Our relationship with Mindful Tutor started a few days after our daughter took a practice test for the SSAT. Her score wasn't dismal, but it also wasn't stellar. We had a brief parental debate about the pros and cons of hiring a tutor, and quickly decided that the stakes were high, and our child's score was not.

The Mindful Tutor team was not only a delight to work with, they were extremely effective. 

We appreciated that at times, they were willing to come to us. We also appreciated that they were substantially more interested in the student than her parents (they were always happy to answer our questions, but they treated our daughter like she was the important one). 

The truly important part is that they helped our daughter to get motivated, to crack open the textbook, and to study. She found the Mindful Tutor team to be kind, motivating, and very helpful on strategy and technique.

I hate to be so transactional as to say that it's all about the score on the test, but for us, it actually was. We wanted a good score, and we got one. We cancelled the subsequent tests, and ran with our first score.

We also asked Mindful Tutor to look at an essay or two for the high school applications, and they were extremely helpful there, too.

We have not heard back from any high schools yet, but we are fairly certain that her score will not impede her at any of her target schools.

And, while our daughter had a lot to do with it, so did Mindful Tutor. We can't thank them enough." - Parent, Katherine Delmar Burke School

"Our daughter struggled with taking standardized tests.  Each year as the next standardized test date approached, our daughter would feel overwhelmed and really began to doubt her abilities.  Megan got to know our daughter and was able to put her at ease, take the fear out of the test, and find effective strategies to help her double her scores.  Megan figures out what makes your child tick and then works with their strengths to make learning fun and exciting.  Our daughter went from tears to laughter and actually looked forward to meeting with Megan every week." - Parent, The Hamlin School

"Jason worked very hard to find a way to connect with my daughter and did everything he could to make the work interesting to her. He has a very accepting air, an easy person to have comfortably in your home. After the SSAT was over, he transitioned immediately to helping my daughter to think about essays. It was nice to have him help her find her voice. The essay and the school process were more my daughters than mine largely due to the help we received from Jason." - Parent, French American International School

"Pam is a supportive and incredibly bright tutor who keeps lessons fun and engaging. She was a great match for our daughter. Sharing a similar appreciation for good literature - and humor - made the tutoring time well worth the time. I highly recommend Pam." - Parent, San Domenico

“Jason was thoughtful and patient. My daughter really enjoyed working with him. I could not have asked for a better person to help her prepare for the test.” - Parent, The Hamlin School

"Megan has been just amazing for our daughter in preparation for the SSAT and high school applications overall.

Megan was excellent about seeing the areas to focus on and made huge improvements on her scores.  

Our daughter commented that not only did Megan help with the SSAT but with her confidence as a student over all.  She really connected with Megan and respected her so much and was motivated to improve which was so fantastic.

We couldn’t be happier about working with Megan!" - Parent, Katherine Delmar Burke School

"Jason’s help was instrumental to [my daughter]’s remarkable outcome and improvement on the test. We appreciated Jason’s commitment to [her] success and how he worked to create a meaningful bond with her and our family." - Parent, The Hamlin School

Our daughter enjoyed working with Megan in preparing for the SSAT.  As a family we appreciated the guidance they provided our daughter and in helping us navigate the process.  Megan really went out of her way to help us through a few challenges we encountered along the way.  Working with Mindful Tutor was an invaluable experience for us." - Parent, St. Vincent de Paul

"Megan and Mindful Tutor changed our family's life. This isn't hyperbole; we have been the grateful and delighted recipients of Megan's caring, thoughtful, deeply insightful help. Standardized testing is now a high stakes crucible for many students. It's heartbreaking to see a bright child struggle to crack the code on tests that will determine so many of their academic opportunities. With Megan's calm and constant guidance, our child more than tripled her SSAT score. As a result, she was able to choose between several great high schools, gain admission with honors to her first-choice school, and even win a spot in an academically competitive summer program. More importantly, Megan gave our child the self-assurance to approach tests with confidence, using strategies to overcome anxiety and master any subject. 'She taught me better than any teacher has ever tried to teach me, because she understood me and how I learn,' says our child. 'She taught me how I can teach myself to learn the ways of a test, how to train for it, and how to organize all of the information in my head so that on test day, it's not stressful.'

The skills Megan teaches apply to schoolwork, and to life. 'I read a lot more now since I started working with Megan, and my grades have improved because I feel like it makes sense, and I know how to prepare my study guides before a test,' says our child. I can't begin to recommend Megan and Mindful Tutor highly enough. I can't even begin to say thank you enough for all she did for our child." - Parent, St. Ignatius

“[My daughter] felt very comfortable with Jason.  He was patient with her and never rushed her.  He also explained things really well for her.” - Parent, Convent 

"We came to Megan with hopes she could tutor our daughter in math and help ease the test anxiety she was experiencing. Not only did Megan fully prepare our child for the course work, she instilled a strong sense of self and confidence. Our daughter has excelled in every subject and is successful taking any test, including the SSAT.

Megan is in communication with each teacher and is extremely thorough in her assessment of her students. Her in-depth tutoring goes far beyond the time spent with her students. Megan is not just a tutor, she is a mentor in a myriad of ways." - Parent, The Hamlin School & Marin Academy

"Megan has consistently been prompt and flexible with our schedule and hers. She has helped our kids with organizational skills, creating better study habits and has worked with them to maximize their results on tests and writing assignments. The end goal of an exceptional tutor is to stop working with a student because the student is able to work on their own with no assistance from an adult. Megan is that invaluable tutor and kind individual who will guide your student through this process." - Parent, University High School & Branson

"I am very pleased to find Megan as the tutor for my two girls. She is not only knowledgeable, but most importantly, she cares about my two girls. She always keeps me informed about their progress and she uses her heart to teach them. Unlike other tutors I had before, who only did it as a job, Megan is a wonderful tutor whom I highly recommend to all families." - Parent, The Hamlin School

"Jason was a dedicated and engaging tutor for our daughter. He really took time to get to know her as a person and as a student.  He achieved the excellent balance of helping  her to focus and set goals for the task at hand (for SSAT homework, practice tests and tests) while at the same time, building her confidence so that she could do well at each step.  We felt very fortunate indeed that Jason tutored our daughter at this challenging time in her middle school life." - Parent, Convent

"Megan is an exceptional tutor! She teaches clearly, cares about my daughter's progress, communicates well, and is very organized. She makes the tutoring process smooth and easy." - Parent, Urban High School

"Thank you for all the support you have given my daughter and our family this year. You have been so much more than a 'tutor,' you have been my daughter's advocate and a real friend. We are forever grateful." - Parent, The Hamlin School