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Cancellation Policy: We require 2-weeks notice to cancel without charge. This amount of time allows for us to communicate with other clients and offer the time to another student. Our tutors are in high demand. Fewer than 2-weeks notice will result in being charged for the session, even if we reschedule to a later time in the same week. We believe that this policy reflects respect for everyone's time.

Sick Child Cancellation Policy: We understand that illness can occur suddenly. We encourage parents to cancel sessions when students are sick, and we firmly believe that when you are sick, your only job is to get well. Because of this understanding, we take on good faith when cancellations occur due to sickness, and we expect that they align with missed school days. When a child is sick, you have the option to reschedule the session as a Skype session within the month, as time allows in your tutor's schedule. The sooner you reach out, the more likely that arrangement can be made. This cancellation will be marked as "cancelled but chargeable" by your tutor, and you will work together to add a session as a make-up; this set-up generally means having two sessions within a week. Cancellations made with fewer than 4 hours notice will be charged in full.

How to Cancel: Contact your tutor directly via both text and email and CC Megan,

If a student is more than 15 minutes late, this constitutes a "no show," and the session will be charged at the full rate, even if a new session is scheduled. If your tutor is more than five minutes late, please email Megan so that we can make sure your time is respected as well--we aim to be efficient and respectful. 

Preparation Policy: We charge for preparation when it is completed specifically for your child. In addition, short phone calls and emails will not be billed, but longer communications will. Examples of billed charges include:

  • Reviewing essays

  • School meetings

  • Parent conferences and in-home meetings

  • Phone calls longer than 5 minutes

  • Written reports

  • Preparation for a session done specifically for your child

Contact Megan if you have questions.